Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On Line At L'Olympia

A couple of months back, Julie and Desi picked me up a Montreal guide book, so that I could learn a bit about the city and plot out some fun activities for our long weekend. After all, aside from the the concerts, which were to take place in the evenings, we had the weekend to ourselves. In our minds, there would be plenty of time to stroll through Old Town Montreal and various other top spots around the city.

And then, after checking into our hotel, we strolled down the street to L'Olympia, the venue for the Marillion Weekend. It was 3:30 in the afternoon, and the doors weren't scheduled to open until 7 pm.

And there were people on line outside the venue...

Reevaluating quickly, we confirmed as a group that our primary purpose for being in Montreal was to see Marillion. And not just to see Marillion, but to be way up close for the concerts, which were all general admission.

So the somewhat seedy corner where L'Olympia is located became our home for a couple of hours each of the three late afternoons we were in Montreal. Sure, we still had time in the mornings and early afternoons for touring. But we spent way more time on that street corner than we had ever imagined in the year leading up to the trip.

In the end, as Julie and Z can attest, there is nothing quite like leaning up against the stage, right in front of H as he plays his cricket bat (yes, a cricket bat!) during "This Strange Engine." We got it down out there, Ballas!



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