Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Marillion Weekend, Night 2: A to Z

The second night of the Marillion Weekend featured a set list that was billed as "A to Z." This theme led to an interesting dynamic during the show, as the four of us had a lot of fun trying to guess what song was coming up next.

"I think 'U' is going to be the "Uninvited Guest'."

"I'm betting on 'Under the Sun'."

The other nice thing about an alphabetic set list is that we knew we were in store for something like 26 songs, which is a lot for a Marillion concert, given the number of minutes to which some of their songs stretch. So here we went...

1. Asylum Satellite #1 (featuring white lights and some deep Mark Kelly keyboard work that had the place shaking)
2. Born to Run (no, not the Springsteen version!)
3. Cannibal Surf Babe (go Desi, go!)
4. Deserve (H played the sax solo using a hockey stick...yes, a hockey stick...see for yourself...)
5. Especially True
6. Fantastic Place (one of the all time greats)
7. Gazpacho (With the crowd calling for "Grendel", H asked Rothers if he still knew how to play the opening section. The response was a pretty good effort...)
8. Half the World (plus a happy birthday sing-a-long for Mark Kelly)
9. Intermission (nice way to use up a letter, guys!)
10. Jigsaw (an instrumental version of the opening part of the song, with the crowd on vocals..a fun teaser that seamlessly led into...)
11. King (always a powerful song in concert)
12. Last Century For Man
13. Marbles III
14. No Such Thing (a real surprise of the night...and well done!)
15. The Only Unforgivable Thing (just beautiful)
16. Pseudo Silk Kimono
17. Quartz (featuring the same roadie dude "playing" the flashlight from side stage, just like we saw in Manchester a few years back)
18. The Release
19. Sugar Mice ("'S' is for Steven Rothery!")
20. Three Minute Boy
21. Under the Sun
22. A Voice From the Past
23. The Wound (with a new high powered ending..."I've done everything that can be done!")
24. Xtra Intermission
25. You're Gone (Rothers and his equipment!)
26. Separated Out (renamed "Zeparated Out" and featuring interludes of Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" and "Kashmir")

Let's just say we went back to the hotel more than satisfied...and just a wee bit tired!


PS: The pictures are courtesy of the Marillion Weekend official photographers. You can click here to see their entire, amazing collection.


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