Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hiking Up To Diamond Head Crater

Apparently, the most famous visual in all of Hawaii is Diamond Head Crater. This was good news for me, as the blown out remnant from a volcanic explosion about 150,000 years ago is located not all that far from Waikiki where I am staying.

Although the hike was not super difficult or anything like that (don't get me wrong; it is a bit strenuous), the main feature of the climb is the fact that you are walking up the inside of the crater in what is Fort Ruger, a United States military reservation. What this means is that as you climb, you encounter not just a trail with switchbacks, but also steps, tunnels, and what appear to be the remains of some old bunkers, the last of which you have to crawl out of to get your first glimpse of Oahu and the Pacific Ocean from on high.



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