Thursday, April 28, 2011

Film Guys

Every time I turned around, every time I looked up, and every time I blinked my eyes, it seemed like I was met with the lens of a large, black camera and the head of a boom mike. Whether waiting on line outside L'Olympia, walking down the street to Pizza Pizza with Z, or leaning on the stage singing along to "Easter", those two objects were always nearby.

Although I thought it was cool that there were professional film makers at Marillion Weekend Montreal 2011, making a documentary on the band, by the second day I was left wondering how much footage of the line they could possibly need. They spent hours standing across the street with their camera pointed at L'Olympia. Occasionally they would walk down the line getting close ups of peoples' faces or making the fans cheer. I guess they must have been wondering how this could possibly be a good use of their time, too, because they ended up standing around a lot, talking and smoking.

Despite their good intentions, these guys drove me crazy (in a fun way!). One time they walked right up to the four Ballas, sitting on the ground, and started filming us without saying anything. They tried to corner Z and I several times, which we avoided in an effort to save ourselves from answering questions. On Sunday, before the last concert, they sat inside, watching and laughing at us because it was raining. Then, they brought their camera over to the window and started filming us getting wet, giving me instructions to move my umbrella so that they could get a better shot. This whole scene culminated with the sound guy telling me to put my ear on the wet glass, while he screamed in French into it. I have no idea how any of this could possibly be helpful in making a documentary on Marillion, so I guess we will just have to wait and see!

No matter how much I complain about these two guys, though, they were just entertaining themselves just like us. And they provided just as much entertainment for us as I am sure we provided them!

Thank you, film guys, for teasing and filming us, speaking to us in French, and making us get wet! Hope to see the documentary soon!



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