Friday, March 11, 2011

What Is A "Walking Dinner?"

The evening program of the International Regulatory Reform Conference called for a nighttime cruise through the canals of Amsterdam. This cruise was followed by dinner at a restaurant called Fifteen Amsterdam. Now, Fifteen Amsterdam is an interesting place on its own merits. Every year, the restaurant provides 15-20 young people the opportunity to train to become chefs. Nice!

But the real reason I am writing about this dinner has nothing to do with a feel good story. No, it was something written about the dinner in the conference program that caught my eye and puzzled me. You see, the meal was advertised as a "walking dinner." This billing left me with visions of grabbing some food and eating it while strolling through the canals, or something like that.

Wrong, Balla!

It turns out that a "walking dinner" is simply an affair where waiters bring around small plates of prepared dishes and the guests mill about at standing tables. Do we have a specific term for this in American English?

No matter, you gotta love English as it is spoken outside of the US!


PS: Des, you'll love this one...As I was leaving the canal boat, the captain told me to "mind my head"...


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