Saturday, March 12, 2011

Engaging Stakeholders In Designing Regulation

A couple of notes from the panel Friday morning at the International Regulatory Reform Conference that featured Kai Weigrich (Hertie School of Governance in Berlin), Susan Dudley (regulatory czar during the last two years of the Bush administration), and yours truly.

We took three versions of this shot, and Kai did not look at the camera for any of them. (This kind of reminds me of my Uncle Henry, who we seem to have a lot of profile shots of.)

Kai and I were just about the only two guys at the conference not wearing a tie. (I made the faux pas of putting a tie on the day before, a move that greatly disappointed my German colleague, who had seen my normally casual approach at a meeting in DC a few months back.)

Oh, and we had a pretty interesting conversation between ourselves and the audience as well...



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