Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beat A Dukie!

For anyone filling out brackets over on, go ahead and join our little group (it's called, oddly enough, "Balla Family"). It's your chance to beat us four Dukies at our own game.


PS: As I touched down at Dulles the other day, I immediately powered up my cell phone. Why? Well, the ACC tournament finals were underway, and it was a classic Duke-Carolina match up. Desi, sitting there in the terminal waiting for me, had the game on her portable radio and headphones. And what good news she was able to convey. "We're up by 14 points with seven minutes to go!" As I was hearing this, there were three young kids right across from me who started hootin' and hollering. Duke students, it turns out. And then, as the game ended a few minutes later, and Nolan jumped into Coach K's arms, a group just to my right were yucking it up with one another as they peered into their Blackberries. "We just won the ACC championship!" It was quite a Duke party out there at the airport...


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