Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Weird China Connections

In the past few days, there have been two parts of our lives that ordinarily have nothing to do with China that have all of a sudden exhibited unexpected connections.

Clarence Clemons Blows His Horn at Shanhaiguan. You may know that the little, out-of-the-way town where the Great Wall meets the sea has been a favorite getaway of ours in recent years. Z especially has pioneered the extreme sport of sand-dune jumping. Imagine our surprise, then, when we came across the accompanying picture of the Big Man doing his thing on our hallowed grounds. Now there's an image we never expected to see! (Sidebar: Apparently Clarence went to China to find himself. You can click here to see the trailer for the resulting documentary.)

Coach K and the Dukies will be playing games this summer in China. Fresh off the first-ever Chinese language broadcast of one of its games, the Duke man's basketball team will hit the hardwood in three Chinese cities, including the Balla East hometown of Beijing. You can click here to read the entire press release. When finding out that the Beijing game is scheduled for August 22, Desi had this to say..."Well, I guess we'll have to stay longer this summer!"

In her next breath, a bit perturbed by all of this attention being lavished on "her" China, Desi suggested to the three of us that we'll need to find some farther off-the-beaten-path place to call our own. Does that mean that the Great Balla China Experiment is over, Des?



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