Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowhere Else They'd Rather Be

This was the sight we beheld over MLK weekend when we left Rehoboth Beach to make our way home. We weren't sure at the time what type of birds they were nor what they were doing. Difficult to say whether they were taking a break while en route to their migration destination or if this is the place they stay year round. Whatever the case, they were causing quite a stir on Route 14. A few cars, including ours, of course, pulled over to get a closer look and a few pictures of this special sight.

A little research revealed the following facts...

According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (Mowbray, T. B., F. Cooke, and B. Ganter):

A medium-sized goose that breeds on the arctic tundra, the Snow Goose travels south in very large, high-flying, noisy flocks.

Breeds on subarctic and arctic tundra, near ponds or streams.

Winters in coastal marshes and bays, wet grasslands, freshwater marshes, and cultivated fields.

Entirely vegetarian. Eats variety of plant species and parts, from aquatic plants to grasses and grain.

They had traveled a long way to be there, and we were glad that they had!



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