Thursday, January 13, 2011


This past semester, one of my elective classes was Physical Education II. It consisted of studying secondary sports and activities other than the basics of basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc. Our curriculum basically covered three main topics: golf, self defense, and archery. Now, how self defense fits in I'll never know, but once we finished our unit on golf, we dove right into several movies about traveling safety for women. We even watched a movie on Ted Bundy and learned some combat moves.

More interesting than the class itself, though, are the projects that went along with it. At the beginning of the year we were informed that there would be two of them. The first was to go to and look up all of the predators and offenders in my neighborhood. The second was to change a tire. According to my teacher, this was to prevent us from ever getting stranded on a deserted road at night, alone, with a flat tire.

So when our tire recently went flat, the perfect learning opportunity presented itself...



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