Monday, January 10, 2011

2010, The Year In Review: Part 2 - Best Show

Back when Julie was an yidianr dongxi (little thing), we tried the dancing school route. After three years it was clear that Julie was just not interested. Sure, recitals were fun and exciting, but the rest of the year, attending class was a struggle.

So it wasn't until the last year or so that Julie expressed an interest in dance. Since the Academy of the Holy Cross specializes in fine arts, she thought this year would be a great opportunity for her to give it a shot. As a result, she enrolled in Miss Donna's jazz and hip-hop class and loved every minute. She came home each day of first semester exhausted but rejuvenated.

It was fun to shop for jazz shoes, jazz pants, and leotards again!

As time came for the winter dance concert, Julie grew more excited by the day. She encouraged me to buy our tickets the day they went on sale. Apparently this is a major attraction...Did I say apparently? I should say, definitely. Julie reported that Friday night's show was sold out the first day. By show time on Thursday, tickets for both shows were gone.

I now know why the winter dance concert is so well attended. This show was truly awesome. Not only did I enjoy the renditions of "Show Me the Money" and "YMCA" that Julie's class performed, but each group that graced the stage did so professionally and very enthusiastically. From modern dance to ballet, from the Irish Dancers to the Adrenaline Dance Team, each routine was filled with high quality moves and contagious emotion.

Glad you chose this on your own, Julie!

And thanks for blowing that kiss, just like you did all those years ago!

~Desi (Mommy)


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