Friday, November 05, 2010

We Are Scared Of China

With the midterm elections behind us, a full two-year presidential campaign has in effect begun. One of my burning questions at the outset of what is bound to be a painful process is whether Democrats or Republicans will set the pace when it comes to playing the "China card." You know how it goes...America is going down the toilet and the age of Chinese domination is almost upon us. (You'd better learn some Mandarin!) Click here to see the first effort at ratcheting up rhetoric...


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Is President Obama A Keynesian?

Follow this link to the Huffington Post for some fun hi-jinks that took place out on the National Mall during the Rally for Sanity...


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What Kind Of Bear Is Best?

Every year I volunteer to take all the kids into one of the "freak shows" that are still alive and well at the North Carolina State Fair. From the smallest horse to the largest alligator, the biggest pig to a mixed bag of human and animal anomalies (none actually living, thank goodness...just pictures and preserved animal specimens like two-headed cows and such), we've paid our buck and seen almost all of them.

This year it was time to check out the bears. Would they be stuffed? Would there simply be pictures of bears? Since it is never clear what is actually inside and since there are times when trickery is involved (e.g., the headless woman who was later seen by the kids around the back of the exhibit...very much headed and having a smoke break!), we weren't sure what would be inside.

Much to all of our surprise there actually were a couple of huge Kodiak bears frolicking around in a space about the size of a large trailer (you know, they really are spacious on the inside!). Glass windows in place, we were at times nose to nose with these beautiful giants. They seemed unaffected by our human presence. In fact, a human was inside the enclosure with the bears, sweeping the hay bedding out through an opening in the floor. There were also a couple of human hands reaching into the enclosure through that same opening. The bears would paw at the hands gently and the owner of the hands would grab at the paws and claws of the bears. (Visions of Timothy Treadwell are still streaming through my mind).

Would PETA be alarmed at this set-up? No doubt. One can only hope that the bears are exposed to the clean fresh air when they are not "working." In this way, I have to admit that given current views on both animal treatment and references to humans with visible differences, I have been surprised for years that these seemingly out-dated exhibits show up year after year.

Ripley's Believe It or Not...Barnum and Bailey Circus...Sea World...The National Zoo...I guess it's programmed into the human psyche to be fascinated by people and creatures that are different from us.

So what'll it be next year? Y'all just have to wait and see. Right, kiddos!?


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Remember This Photo?

Good enough for National Geographic...Good enough for Best in Show...