Thursday, November 25, 2010

Martha Stewart Is Helping Me Plan My Holiday Season!

As has already been documented, Desi and Julie have taken a fancy to making holiday decorations and cooking up special treats recommended by Martha Stewart. For my part, although I'm happy with both the visual and culinary results, I haven't yet found my point of entry in the world of Martha Stewart.

Until today...

As I idly turned the pages of the December 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living, I came across a curious page entitled "Martha's Calendar." As it turns out, this page is where Martha documents just what she'll be doing every day in the coming month. There's some pretty good stuff in there! So while I may not be able to make an appearance on the Today show (December 1st), and while I may not as a general matter celebrate Kevin Sharkey's birthday (Sharkey!), there is plenty of holiday inspiration I can take away from Martha and incorporate into my own daily life.

So here's what I'll be up to on select days in December...

December 2...Fertilize greenhouse plants.
(Desi reminds me that we first need to build a greenhouse. I guess that's what December 1st is for!)

December 5...Collect long-lasting berries, and use for decorating wreaths. (Reminder to "long-lasting berries.")

December 19...Organize tools in kitchen drawers. (Hey, that's usually Julie's job!)

December 20...Take dogs for holiday grooming. (Yeah, right!)

December 22...Sweep fallen pine needles from under the Christmas tree. (That assumes that we've had time to get the tree by now!)

December 22...Deliver boxed sweets. (I guess sweeping the pine needles won't take that long! But where and to whom I am supposed to deliver the boxed sweets? A little help!)

December 23...Choose linens, dishes, and glassware for the holiday table. (Let's see...I choose the only linens, dishes, and glassware we own!)

December 27...Organize paperwork; store instructions, warranties, and receipts from gifts in one place. (By now I've usually thrown all of that stuff out!)

December 28...Pick spinach and lettuce from the greenhouse for salads. (Oops...Forgot to build that greenhouse on the 1st!)

December 29...Bring firewood indoors. (And then do what with it!?)

December 31...Celebrate! (By canceling our subscription!)



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