Thursday, October 07, 2010

Which Cost More?

Julie has always been like my own Barbie doll. All of that hair of hers has been a true joy to me. So now that she's in high school, the ante on hairstyling has been upped a bit. No longer will pony tails, pigtails, French braids, and simple buns do. At least not for special occasions, anyway.

So now it was time for her first homecoming dance. Julie informed me that not only were her expectations high for good hair, but also her classmates were expecting something unique. While not a hairdresser, I have had quite a lot of experience with these three-feet plus and so I started dreaming up some potential coiffure ideas.

Perhaps a French roll this time.

No way. Julie has much too much hair for that. When we gave it a try we decided that it might have been appropriate for the lead role in Star Trek but this dance was not themed!

Back to the drawing board.

How about a double French roll?

Well, we gave it a try and were pleasantly surprised at the look. But it was lacking something. It needed a boost. Perhaps some color.

And so now the answer to the mystery title...

Which cost more? The dress that Julie wore to her first homecoming dance or the spray of fresh harvest flowers in her hair?

If I'm asking, you must know it is a trick question.

One hint is that her beautiful purple taffeta bubble dress was bought in China, in particular at our number one favorite clothing market in the world.

The flowers were bought at our neighborhood grocery store (Giant). When Steve saw them ring up on the register he gave me quite a look...and a little hassle...until I told him they were on sale...from $13.99 down to $12.99. (I know what you're thinking...not much difference there, right?)

Oh yeah...the dress was 35 kuai. (That's 5 bucks to you and me!)

Now the $12.99 spent on flowers doesn't seem too bad, does it?



At 7:59 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

I am so impressed by your hair styling skills! And your shopping skills too! :)


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