Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Shoe Graveyard

So it is the homecoming dance at the Academy of the Holy Cross. The "Ladies of the Academy" (LOTA, as they call themselves) spend the time leading up to homecoming buying dresses and, of course, killer shoes that match.

Well, here is what happens to those shoes on the big night. The moment the LOTA enter into the gymnasium, after passing through the receiving line, they invariable reach down and pull their shoes off. And I can understand why. While these shoes may look awesome, they have to be incredibly uncomfortable to wear. I mean, these are some seriously high heels!

So what do you do with your shoes if you are a LOTA who is ready to start dancing in your bare feet? Find a place for them against the wall next to the gymnasium doors, where they can be picked up at the end of the evening (or any time you leave the gym, as shoes are required out in the hallway).

As one other chaperon dad put it to me..."That has to be thousands of dollars of shoes piled against the wall."



At 8:01 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

That's hilarious! And so much more organized than the prom at Blair. I've tripped over all sorts of shoes in the pitch black of the banquet area.


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