Monday, October 18, 2010

Martha Stewart Has Nothing On Us

Every year, we bring down four big brown boxes full of traditional Halloween decorations and set them up pretty much how we have done in prior years. This year, though, the kids wanted to be a bit more creative, so we tossed tradition and chose an alternate route to making our home more festive.

As subscribers to Martha Stewart Living, we have been looking through the Halloween issues (of which there were two) for weeks. Both Julie and Z have shown interest in trying some of the crafts, so we set out to Michael's and, yes, Home Depot. So armed with our theme (scary), we hunted and gathered for materials.

Now I know that things aren't always as easy as they sound. I found that out a while back when I tried one of Paula Deen's recipes. But I decided not to jade Julie and Z's view, so I encouraged them to go for it. They worked tirelessly through the day, carving and spray painting styrofoam headstones, dying cheese cloth with black tea to make creepy curtains, drawing pupils and irises on fingerling potatoes to make eyeballs, and cutting out paper bats and spider webs.

Did I say tirelessly?

Well after around four or five hours, we were well on our way, but in no way did our house look like the one depicted in the magazine. Many hours lie ahead if we are to reach the look we are after. No doubt, though, the fun has been in the process. Spending time (lots of it) on transforming the house using imagination and creativity provides good, wholesome enjoyment.

On the aside, as I went to sleep the other night, I mentioned to Steve how intense this kind of decorating is. "How does Martha Stewart have the time to decorate that huge house of hers? Every room shown in the magazine is perfect!"

"Hundreds of trained professionals," he replied.



PS: I betcha she doesn't know where to buy liquid starch either!


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