Thursday, September 02, 2010

Shrinking Lisa

For many years, I have tracked the kids' growth on the kitchen doorway. While many of the bottom Sharpie markings have faded, one thing has become clearer and clearer as time has passed. As kids get older, they get taller. Well, most kids, anyway.

You see, in addition to Julie and Z's growth record, there has always been space (in our hearts and on our walls!) for Lisa and Peter. And while Peter has followed the trend, Lisa somehow has not. In fact, since some time in 2005, Lisa started her own trend, and has shown evidence of shrinkage. Despite being the oldest of this dynamic foursome, not only is Lisa the shortest, she is getting shorter. According to our very not-so-accurate documentation, Lisa has lost around one and a half inches.

A message to Lisa...Don't worry about all this...Just think of all the possibilities that may lie ahead if this keeps up...

Soon we will be able to get you into the movies for a reduced rate.

Kids meals come back onto the menu.

Flying to China just got a whole lot cheaper (as long as you don't mind sitting on someone's lap).

And remember one thing...You'll always be our little Lisa...(I think I sense a double entendre here.)



At 12:54 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Awww.. though the many perks of being shorter, i rather not shrink anymore than i already have :( haha. I've started to drink milk on a daily basis and stretch every morning hoping this will work :/ no promises to any more growth but i am trying. i dont know how it is humanly possible to shrink this much haha

I loved this post!! <3 I miss you guys sooo much Love youu! <3 <3



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