Monday, September 20, 2010

The Catholic Church In China

This coming Saturday, the four of us are giving a family presentation on our experiences with the Catholic Church in China over the past few years. There will be some lecturing, questions and answers, a slide show, and opportunities to support our sisters and brothers on the other side of the world. All are welcome! See below for the official announcement, and let us know if you need directions.

The Monsignor Thomas Wells Chapter of the Knights of Columbus is kicking off a series of monthly social meetings accompanied by interesting topic presentations. The first Social Meeting and topic presentation will be on Saturday, September 25th immediately following the 5:00 Mass. The meeting will be in the Kominski room in the old pre-school/library. September’s topic will be "The Catholic Church in China". The Balla family, Steve, Desi, Julie, and Zoli will share their experiences with the Catholic Church in China. In recent years, they have lived in Beijing and traveled around China on a number of occasions, most recently for two months this
Summer. They will discuss beautiful cathedrals filled with joyous worshipers, as well as individuals who persevere in their faith in the face of difficult external obstacles.

~Steve, Desi, Julie, and Z


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