Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Benefit Of The Doubt

I know what they say about monitoring our kids' use of media...computers and Internet, cell phones, etc. Overall I'd say that the Balla parental attention to this has been no less than diligent. That being said, you will understand my concern when I logged on to Z's laptop the other day and noticed something strange in the upper right hand corner of the GMail log in screen. Typed in the box where one might do a Google search was the phrase "We must never cede control." Hmm...

So I of course clicked on the search, only to find the rest of the statement: "...of the motherland."

Perhaps even a bit more concerning.

"What on earth is this?" I thought. (Add your own expletives.) Hmm. Steve sometimes uses Z's computer...Could he have been doing some research? I was hopeful....Hopeful that I wasn't about to find out some new things about my family unit, that is!

"Boys," I called out, "can I see you guys for a sec? Just a quick question...(pointing to the screen)...What on earth is this?"

As laughter erupted between Steve and Z, I awaited a much more innocuous reason for this search than my mind was generating. "Let me show you," said Z, as he pulled up the actual search...

Dwight Schrute giving his speech as Salesman of the Year.




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