Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Several weeks ago, our landlady asked us if we wanted to go to the wushu (martial arts) festival. We, of course, said yes. So several mornings later, we got up, got on the subway, and went to the festival. We walked down the road to where the wushu was. We think it was being held at the Olympic building where the martial arts was held, out in the middle of nowhere.

When we got to the building, we took out our tickets. When no one went to check them, we just walked in.

The festival was set up in three sections. To the right were all little kids. To the left were elderly contestants. In the middle was the middle-aged group. The most interesting group was the middle-aged group. They had the most skill in their moves.

I personally thought that the events where there were weapons were the best. These events combined jumping, lunging, and parrying.

While we sat there, eating snacks and watching, we narrowed the competitors down to the best. Our favorite was a middle-aged man who competed in multiple events. He used a spear, a sword, nunchucks, and a mace. When this man competed, it was if he was fighting against an enemy that the audience could not see. Once, it looked to me as if he were fighting a dragon, dodging flames, slashing it's neck, and keeping it on the ground.

Eventually, we decided to head out for lunch. On our way out, we were lucky to bump into our favorite competitor. Dad's desire to take a picture with him was fulfilled.

After lunch, on our way back to the subway, I decided that I wanted to buy one of the martial arts swords that were being sold outside the building. After several minutes of negotiation, I bought a one-edged blade for thirty kuai. Once Mom saw that I had bought a sword, I was required to buy a case for it. The case was also thirty kuai. Luckily, I was not held up or arrested in the subway station on our way home...



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