Monday, August 16, 2010

Leon And Leonna

Have you ever wondered what to do if you cannot fit into a taxi? How about if you are taking a picture of your girlfriend by the lake and she accidentally falls in? You make a bus explode by stuffing a rag into the exhaust pipe? You mistake your dog's "waste" for your girlfriend's hairpiece and end up with it all over your face?

No? You have never experienced any of these incidents? Well, just in case you need advice, you can always ask Leon and Leonna, who have experienced all of the above and more.

Leon and Leonna are two characters who you see every time you get on the Beijing subway. Their short cartoons are featured on the TV screens found in both subway stations and on the trains. Each clip either gives a lesson about transportation in Beijing or is meant to make you laugh. No matter what, though, Leon gets in trouble and is defeated by his girlfriend Leonna in some kind of competition that resembles a video game.

Leon is a green frog, while Leonna is a pink frog. Sometimes a yellow frog flirts with Leon and Leonna gets really angry with Leon. Other episodes include a big brown hippo who is often associated with criminal activity.

Every episode guarantees laughter or confusion, but I would like to leave off with probably my favorite...

Leon and Leonna are sitting in a movie theater eating popcorn. When they get down to the last piece, Leon picks it up without looking, but before putting it into his mouth, he realizes that he should give it to his girlfriend. As he reaches over to put it in her mouth, something happens in the movie and he accidentally stuffs it up Leonna's nose. He realizes that she is suffocating and looks for something to help wash down the popcorn. The first thing he finds is a bottle of liquid on the ground, but from Leonna's expression after she drinks it, it can't be water. Leon looks over to see that a baby was just peeing into that bottle and knows that he is dead meat. Leonna wins by drowning Leon with a peeing boy statue and the screen says...GAME OVER.

Now for the rest of Leon's adventures, you will just have to go to Beijing and see for yourself (or check out



At 8:47 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

Well, besides the fact that I'll need you to translate the site for me, these frogs are totally adorable! :)

At 9:18 PM, Blogger Julie said...

I know, right?!
I wish I understood it all myself, but I think the not knowing makes the videos even funnier!
As a side note, if you click the button that says animation at the top of the website, it pulls up a bunch of the clips I mentioned in this post.


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