Sunday, August 08, 2010

Add Yanji-To-Changbaishan To My List...

...Of most beautiful drives.

It's right up there with...

Boca Prins-To-Baby Beach (A gorgeous dune-lined beach drive in Aruba.)

Plantation Drive (A short ride through the Spanish Moss-laden live oaks on Hilton Head Island.)

Pacific Coast Highway (Along the sapphire-colored waters of the Pacific in California.)

Wushan-To-Chongqing (Through the fields of yellow rapeseed in full bloom.)

Yanji-To-Changbaishan (Hundreds of kilometers of mountains transformed by the work of human hands into fertile farmland. Crops of corn, rice, and an occasional orchard fill the landscape with varied shapes and hues of green. Unceasing beauty for two hours.)



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