Friday, July 09, 2010

Setting Up Shop

This time, when we needed to head out for housewares, we decided to avoid the Ikea route and venture back to one of our favorite Chinese markets...Wu Xin (Five Star). With several hundred xiao tanr available to peruse, we knew the selection and bargaining possibilities (for which Z is especially fond) would be plentiful.

On the list...a mattress for Z's cubby, a couple of pillows with covers (which were made on the spot for around two dollars each), two blankets, and some hangers. Not surprisingly, we found this excursion a bit more culturally appealing than the start of our last time abroad (except maybe for the Swedish meatballs!).

No stop at Wu Xin is ever quite complete without a visit to Julie's and my favorite stand. Stocking up on hair accessories and earrings is always fun and since the girl in charge remembered us, there was no haggling necessary.

Four out of four Ballas surveyed say, "Swap the big blue building for the Chinese 'equivalent.'"



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