Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"It's A Closet Day"

These were the words I heard Z exclaim as we entered our most reliable DVD store here in Beijing. What do closets and DVDs have in common? Well, for our long-time blog readers, you may already know. This is the sequel to "My Jack Bauer Moment."

As usual, Z, Mommy, and I casually walked into the yellow room full of shelves for DVDs in plastic packaging. However, upon closer examination, there were only box sets of TV shows and rows of CDs to be found. At this point, Z uttered those famous words and proceeded to the back of the store. He knew what to do!

Rather than giving up, we walked down a back hallway that we had entered only once before. We made our way through the twists and turns with Z as our lead, passing a few cleaning ladies and a woman exiting the ladies room, until we arrived at a hall full of ATM machines. There was a small convenience store with a closed closet door next to it.

Now, while Z and I were both pretty sure that this was the place, we didn't want to open the door. So Z lightly pushed it open and peeked in before jumping back and closing it slowly behind him.

"That's not it," he said. "All I see are crates."

My mind immediately flashed back in my photographic memory to a smoky room full of crates of DVDs. Without thinking, and to Mommy's amazement, I pushed right in...To find my mental image confirmed.

As you might guess, we are completely restocked on DVDs, including a copy of the new movie Knight and Day, which will most likely be interrupted with heads entering and exiting the theater for soda and popcorn!



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