Thursday, July 08, 2010


In the US, we tend to not be concerned with buying expensive cellphones or iPods. The four of us are pretty content with sticking to the simple Motorola phones and first generation iPods we have had for years. However, living in China presents new technological opportunities.

Now, last year, we were newbies, so we just bought the four cheapest phones we could find at a China Mobile store. Unfortunately, last winter, Z's phone froze on our trip to Harbin. The rest of our phones, however, survived the whole year. We saved these phones in case we returned to China in the near future.

Of course, as we were packing for this summer, Daddy, Mommy, and I all included our Nokia phones. When we arrived however, Daddy's phone was the only one that recharged and turned back on. We were not concerned, though, thinking that we would just buy three new phones when we had a chance to visit the Zhongguancun markets.

After settling in, Z decided to look for his new phone of choice in the market down at the bottom of our building. Meanwhile, Mommy and Daddy discovered that the only problem with the Nokia phones was that they needed new batteries. I was fine to just buy a new battery...until Z returned from the cellphone shop. He had just bought a new phone...but it wasn't just any was a fake iPhone, complete with an Apple logo and all!

Despite feeling like a copycat, I was super excited when Z and I went back down to the market. In fact, I had planned on getting some kind of fake American phone this summer. (I was really hoping to find one with a pear on the the Pear Pod on iCarly.)

What I ended up buying for 300 kuai was a touchscreen iPhone look alike. However, the most intriguing part is the back of the phone. There is no Apple symbol. It just says...

32 GB
Designed by Apple in California
Assembled in China

The phone's apps include a digital lighter, a mouth, birds, screen rotation, and breaking glass. And while I cannot exactly access the Internet, I can make phone calls and send texts just fine.

Although it does not have much value, my "iPhone" is priceless!



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