Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Fish

Several days ago, I decided to purchase and item from our downstairs market. The item...a fish!

For a fish, a bowl, and a huge bag of food, I paid 20 kuai, about three dollars.

Apparently, the quality fit the prices, as "Killer," the new member of our family, died that night at 11:20 pm, while we were watching a movie. The next day we flushed the poor fish down the toilet with a heavy burden in our hearts.

Later that day, Julie and I stopped in the market and decided to buy another fish. Two, actually. We purchased a bigger bowl, the two fish, a fake plant, and were given some free rocks by the stall owner. These items also came with a "spoon" (a net). This "spoon" gave Julie and I quite a laugh afterward.

Since we had bought fish from the man before, we knew the price. However, the man's boss was there, so there were some things that changed...

How much did I sell the fish to you for yesterday?

Eight kuai.

Oh...Which bowl do you want?

That one.

That one's twenty kuai.
[Pause...] Excuse me, my boss bought that bowl for twenty-five kuai.


So, two fish and the bowl is thirty-six kuai.

Plus this small tree.

Forty kuai.

That's a little expensive.

Fine, my boss will also gift you a spoon.

Can we add in some rocks?

[Boss interrupts] Did you give them the spoon?


Those are two kuai each, but I can gift you these rocks.

[Boss interrupts again] Did you give them the spoon?


So, for all of this, forty kuai? You can't go any cheaper?

[Boss interrupts a third time] Did you give them the spoon?


Alright...Forty kuai is good.

The two fish are great additions to the family. The only question is what will we do with them when we leave?



At 7:56 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

lol - what was so important about the spoon?

At 10:03 AM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

There was nothing at all important about the spoon. They were just trying to give us stuff to keep the price higher.



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