Friday, July 09, 2010


You've got to be kidding me. It made it 7000 miles...halfway around the world...only to be abruptly taken away from me by Beijing Metro Security.

Knowing we'd be away for seven weeks, and that during that time period we would probably be taking a couple of side trips, I calculated my hair spray needs at approximately one large can and one small can.

Time to head to Shanhaiguan for our first weekend away from Beijing, and so it was time to pack up (on the "light" side). Toiletry time comes and I throw in the small can.

At every subway entrance in Beijing, there's a security check...Put your purse, backpack, or baggage on the conveyor belt. I've done it hundreds of times without thinking about it (actually, without thinking that anyone's ever paying attention to the screen).

I guess I was wrong, for this time when I went to grab my luggage off the belt and head to the turnstiles, the guard started speaking to me and pointing to his head.

A little help here please? (I motioned to Steve and the kids who were right behind me).

Was it my hair dryer (which does kind of resemble a .352 Magnum)?

I took it out of my bag and showed him.

Nope. That's not what he was looking for.

"Oh no," I thought as I reached into the bag for my can of Volumax.

He took it from me and handed it to a woman security guard, who looked intently at the front of the can. Then they both motioned to a sign which clearly states in Chinese, English, and pictures all of the things you are forbidden to bring on the Beijing Subway.

The crime? Flammability. Ayo!

Faced with missing a train to Shanhaiguan or missing my can of hair spray, I opted to leave the can behind.

Guess who probably has the biggest hair in China now...I'm thinking it's that female security guard!

As for me, it may be a flat-head weekend but no worries...that big can is still safe and sound back at the apartment!



At 10:35 AM, Blogger Leslie said...

Oh no! A Desi without big hair?! This I'll have to see pictures of! :)


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