Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Xiao Pengyou

During the year, no one sees any kids above five years old and below sixteen years old. However, on July 1st, they all come out when school lets out for the summer. Before this time last year, Julie and I had no Chinese friends our ages. Then, finally, on July 2nd, we made our first friends. My friend's name is Xiao Gainan, or Xiao Penyou (little friend) as I like to call him. Every few days, I would go over to his house and we'd play video games. When we left China, we gave him a lot of stuff that we were not taking with us.

A few nights ago, I went to find Xiao Pengyou. It was getting dark, but I saw dad's bike and thought he might be home. So I walked to his back door and shouted, "Ehh, Xiao Gainan!" He peeked out the door and said, "Bai Qiman!" He ran back inside to tell his Dad I was there. Meanwhile, I was left standing outside. When he let me in, he took out a chess set and we began to play.

While we were playing, I made a move to sacrifice a piece. When he saw this, he called his dad in and they examined what I had done. Then he asked me if I knew how to play and why I didn't move the piece somewhere else. In the end, I beat him.

After that, we played again, but after the first three moves, he gave me back all my pieces and took his because he was losing.

Then he brought out ice cream and we began playing again. I won again. Finally, it was time to leave. Turns out, I left to meet Mom, Dad, and Julie a half hour early, so I went back to his apartment. He was eating dinner, so he put me in a room by myself to watch TV. Although it was a little weird, it is great to be reacquainted with Xiao Gainan!



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