Sunday, June 27, 2010

Xiao Didi

Last year, one of our most common places to eat was at Pang Shifu, the "Fat Chef." The family that owns Pang Shifu has a son who was about two years old at the time. Xiao Didi ("little younger brother") loves to play with cars and just loves everything having to do with cars. During the day, Xiao Didi likes to have someone take him out to the nearest main road to watch the cars go by. Throughout the year, I looked for anything having to do with cars that I could give to my Xiao Didi.

When we moved back to the US, I noticed a box full of Matchbox cars that I had stopped using years ago. I then decided to bring these cars back to Xiao Didi.

The other day, I brought the car in two big CVS bags to Saoziying, where Xiao Didi lives. After we finished eating dinner, Julie and I went to look for him. Of course, he got scared and ran away! I gave one of the many cars to the woman who was watching Xiao Didi to coax him back.

Later, when we went to look for him again, we found Xiao Didi playing with the car with another boy. Xiao Didi got excited when he saw us and then went running down the alley. The other boy started shouting and explaining to Julie what Bakuguan is.

Meanwhile, a guy about 20-25 years old came up to me and started talking to me. We got into a whole conversation about why we are here and how we got here. Then I had to explain to him how government grants work. Of course, I don't know any government language, so I had to do my best.

Then, when we were done talking, I walked down to Pang Shifu and gave the two bags to Xiao Didi's sister. When Xiao Didi went inside, his sister showed him the cars and he came back and stuck his head through the door and said, Xie xie, Xiao Gege! "Thank you, big brother!" It was worth it to bring seven pounds of cars halfway around the world, just to hear Xiao Didi say that!



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