Friday, June 25, 2010

Jet Lag

Now I am sure you are all waiting for an update on the status of our jet lag. Well, here you are...

Before we left, I put our family on a three day anti-jet lag diet. It worked two years ago when we moved to China, so we gave it a try again. We also tried to switch our sleeping habits to China time while on the plane. Although everyone did nap a little bit during the flight (which was daytime in China), we all kept to the schedule.

So were all of our preparations helpful?

I would say yes.

Even though we all woke up a little earlier than normal on our first day, we managed to make it through our first full day without a single nap! We all seem to have adjusted perfectly to the time change and haven't wasted any time getting back to our regular places.

While we might not always be hungry at regular times these first few days, I have no doubt that we will be doing our Balla death marches ASAP!


Editor's note: Ah, youth! It is before 5am when this post is being typed...


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