Friday, June 18, 2010

Homeless In Beijing, The Sequel

Two years ago, you may recall, when we were getting set to move to China, our housing situation was unsettled until fairly late in the process. Well, here we are, days away from flying around the world, and once again we have no place to stay.

This time, though, things are a little bit different. Although I will be spending the summer as a visiting scholar at the Leo Koguan Institute for Business and Government at the Peking University School of Government, we do not have the Fulbright program behind us essentially mandating that our housing be arranged and paid for.

This is not to say that we are on our own, though. Plenty of Americans, both inside and outside of the government, have been going to bat for us, steering leads in our direction. And we have been contacting many of our Chinese friends, in the hope of finding a gem of an apartment like we had last year in Yan Bei Yuan.

But here's the dilemma that's emerged. There seem to be plenty of summer sublets available on the expat side of things, as many foreigners go home to their countries for the summer. These houses, however, tend to be pretty expensive and are located over on the east side of town, far away from Peking University in the northwest corner. As for apartments in our old neck of the woods, these accommodations don't seem to be designed for short term rentals, as there are relatively few Chinese residents of Saoziying and similar neighborhoods heading overseas for the summer months.

As Desi has been saying throughout...There's always sleeping bags on my office floor!



At 7:06 AM, Anonymous Pete Hall said...

If you find yourself in sleeping bags, at least get air mattresses. Your backs will thank you.

At 7:38 AM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

Newsflash...Just like that it appears like we may have a couple of options. Trying to nail down the details...


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