Thursday, May 13, 2010

The German-American Heritage Museum

In one of the more unlikely juxtapositions you will come across, there at the edge of Washington, DC's Chinatown (right across the street, in fact, from our favorite dumpling and noodle joint) is the German-American Heritage Museum. New to the DC scene this year, the German-American Heritage Museum was something that this group of Neidenbach's just had to go check out.

The big surprise of the visit? There was a prominent display featuring none other than my hometown of Rahway, New Jersey. It seems that back in the middle of the twentieth century, a bunch of local German guys were hanging out in Nick Gruenwald's Delicatessen and came up with idea of forming a German club. The Deutscher Club of Rahway soon held its first meeting in Greven's Hotel. (Hey Mom, do you have any idea exactly where these places were located? Maybe we can go on a little excursion into Rahway's history this weekend...) To this day, the Deutscher Club, which now meets in nearby Clark Township, counts at least one Neidenbach as a member. (Hi Uncle Tony!)

So how well do you know your German-Americans? Here's a quick quiz...Which of the following people were German-Americans?

A. Fred Astaire
B. Babe Ruth
C. Herbert Hoover


PS: The answer is D (all of the above). You can also add Elvis Presley to the list...


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