Monday, May 03, 2010

Bike To The Airport

About halfway through our Saturday jaunt up the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail, Desi put out the call to extend the day's biking. "Hey, why don't we also do that loop around BWI Airport?"

This was an unexpected turn of events, given that it is early in the biking season and the additional loop would bring our total to more than forty miles (pretty much our daily max). Desi is evidently rarin' to go for Beijing and all of the exercise life in China naturally entails!

A real highlight of the BWI loop is the vista you get from a little rise adjacent to the back side of the airport. That, plus the fact that it is pretty much all downgrade from the lookout to our favorite little Chinese restaurant in Pasadena (yes, there is a Pasadena in Maryland). Like we've said before, we really do bike to eat!



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