Monday, April 26, 2010

Leaving No Stone Unturned

Well, almost...

In our household, there is a natural division of labor. Steve's got his tasks, I've got mine, and the rest we share. For the most part, things run smoothly. All our ducks nicely in a row.

So it came as a bit of a shock to me the other morning when I got a call from Steve as I dropped Julie off at school. You see, he had just dropped Z off. (Division of labor at its finest!) It went something like this...

Steve: Uh, Des. I'm on Georgia Avenue and I just got pulled over...Something about our license plates being expired...

Me: What? Are you sure?

Steve: I gave him the registration (which said 9/2009), but he said he'd run it through and check it out.

Me: Hmm. OK, call me back and let me know what he says.

You can imagine that there were a few choice thoughts going through my head at that point, especially since I was the one "in charge" of making sure all of our US affairs were in order while we lived abroad. During that time period, and since we returned home, things had been seamless. No issues at all. Until those red and blue lights started a-flashin', that is.

Next round of thoughts...How about the car I'm driving? Am I expired, too? And poor Steve, sitting on Georgia Avenue (one of the busiest roads in Maryland) with all those school parents undoubtedly going by (and probably having a bit of a chuckle seeing the Balla minivan outside the law!).

Now what? How "expired" are they? Will Steve be hauled off in cuffs? Will the van be impounded? Just how much cash will we be out after the dust clears?

The phone rings:

Steve: OK. They expired in September.

Me: Wow!

Steve: The officer said that since they're over six months expired, he can take the tags and impound the car, but given the circumstances he'll give me a $60 ticket, but we need to take care of it right away.

Me: Phew. Sorry.

In my defense, I never received that brown re-registration envelope in our "forwarded" mail. That said, I know it was my responsibility to make sure those stickers were up to date. (But who looks at those stickers anyway?)

Actually, I know exactly who.

Rest assured the temporary tag is hanging in the window. Out $60, but no more, we re-registered online. So far as we can tell, no further repercussions.

All I can say is, thank goodness it was Steve who was pulled over. (For the sake of the officer, I mean...If it was me, no doubt he would have gotten quite a song and a dance, not to mention some tears and a long story about our year in China...That I'm from New Jersey...)

By the way, the other van is good until June!



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