Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"This One's For You, Dad. I Love You!"

One of the touching stories of this year's Final Four surrounds Duke's Nolan Smith and his late father Derek Smith. Derek Smith was a member of Louisville's 1980 national championship team. It was in Indianapolis where the so-called "Doctors of Dunk" had their one shining moment. And it is to Indianapolis where the Blue Devils are now headed after winning the NCAA South Region this past weekend.

Nolan Smith chose not to attend Louisville, where he would have been playing in the literal shadow of his father's jersey hanging from the rafters. But that doesn't mean that his father, who passed away when Nolan was only eight years old, is ever far from his mind. As Nolan said the other day...

I always play for him, to honor him and he's always with me, but today I could really feel him. There were a couple of shots, that I knew he was with me.

I've thought about going to Indianapolis like my dad since this tournament started.
I just played on adrenaline. I knew he was watching over me and I felt like I could do anything.



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