Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy China Arbor Day!

I'm sure you knew this already, but today, March 12, is tree planting day in China. (Actually, I only recently discovered this fact. I don't remember precisely where I was last March 12, but I can tell you that it never occurred to me to go out and plant a tree. Nor do I recall a day where there were massive amounts of trees being planted.)

Here are some fun facts about Arbor Day...

The day commemorates the passing of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, China's democratic revolution forerunner, who died on March 12, 1925. (What the connection is between Sun Yat-sen and planting trees, I haven't the foggiest.)

According to a 1981 NPC (National People's Congress, China's top legislature) resolution, all able-bodied Chinese citizens older than age 11 have an obligation to plant three to five trees every year. (Good thing this resolution doesn't apply to "foreign experts," or we'd have been in trouble!)


PS: By the way, if that resolution were followed to the letter, that would be something like three to five billion trees a year planted by ordinary citizens.

PPS: Blow up the accompanying photo for a look at some reforestation that's been taking place out in Shanxi Province.


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