Saturday, March 06, 2010

As Few As Three, As Many As Ten

For the four of us, our excitement about Duke basketball ramps up with the tip off of the second Carolina game. Starting tonight, every game is "life or death" (in that fun, sporting kind of way). After the UNC game, there's the ACC tournament and then the NCAAs. We don't fret about losing during the regular season, but with these games, any loss is a real bummer.

And the shape of the end of the season itself is unknown and the possibilities exciting. There can be as few as three games left (first round losses in both tourneys). Or there can be as many as ten games to play (one plus three plus six).


PS: What you are looking at is a screen shot of Desi and me appearing live on WRAL TV, literally just seconds after Christian Laettner hit the shot against Kentucky. Trust me, we were incoherent!


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