Monday, February 08, 2010

Bring It On!

We're re-stocked and ready for action.

Another storm is set to hit tomorrow afternoon, so we ventured out once again (first time in the car after the weekend "Storm of the Century") for all the necessities...Season 3 of The Office, Pepsi, Peach Tea, Bisquick, bacon, mini peanut butter cups, brussels sprouts...oh yeah, and milk. School is already closed for tomorrow (great call by our fearless Director of Public Information), so it's time to sit back and watch.

One of our favorite neighbors, and matriarch of our street, Mrs. W, said that she thinks this weather is God's way of calming everyone down. I like that thought and so, despite all the complaints lodged by local media, we will continue to enjoy the beauty of this unexpected gift of family time on one of the prettiest backdrops ever seen in these parts. Great company, great food, and great times.

So bring on the calm...before, during, and after the storm!



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