Monday, February 01, 2010

Both Sides Of Three

For me, last year was all about removing boundaries. Demystifying exotic lands by wholeheartedly experiencing the joys as well as the discomforts of new places and cultures and truly opening my mind to the wonders our world has to offer. Becoming a world citizen with a border-free perspective. This was a choice that has paid huge dividends as I have come to view the world with an enlightened perspective.

Not so much by choice as by design, this year has been all about removing time boundaries. As Julie has made her way through her first semester of high school, she (and, by default, I) have seen both sides of 3 am. Sometimes she is up until that time completing homework, projects, or studying. Occasionally she'll reach exhaustion much earlier in the evening but, given the expectations of a rigorous course load, she'll ask me to make sure she wakes up at 3 am to finish the rest of her work.

At first I thought this was crazy, but hearing that other high school parents are experiencing similar circumstances is somehow comforting. In any case, I decided early on that attitude is everything when you push your body and mind to new limits. As a result, I have chosen to face these new hours with a positive approach. (Well, at least most of the time!) Julie and I joke that last year we removed the borders of space, and this year we've taken care of the borders of time.

I guess this gives new meaning to the space-time continuum...



At 8:21 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

OMG! I can't believe Julie has that much work to do! I'm sort of horrified, considering the fact that, at Blair, I give practically no homework at all. Is it busy work or what? Wow. I'm sorry you've had to remove the borders of time. I haven't seen either side of 3AM in a very long time and hope to keep it that way!


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