Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Have A Walkie Talkie And I Know How To Use It!

This past Saturday night was the Winter Ball at Julie's school. It was my turn to chaperone, so I threw on my Marillion concert tee and a pair of baggy jeans, ready to be comfortable as I worked the parking lot. Ready, that is, until Desi and Julie informed me that the dance was a semi-formal and that I needed to be dressed appropriately. Rats! (Note: I think I was about the most dressed up dad of the whole bunch. Not that I'm complaining!)

A year of living in northern China, where buses, restaurants, and other public places most often don't have heat, served as my model for how to dress. Under my clothes there was the requisite cold weather Under Armour. Throw on a heavy winter coat, a wool hat, and some gloves, and I was ready for an evening in the teens.

The only problem in all of this? In between outdoor stints at arrival and departure, I spent hours of my time inside, watching over hundreds of high schoolers as they danced and hung out in a stuffy gymnasium. Let's just say that I was not actually disappointed when the moment came to grab my light stick, walkie talkie, and head back out into the crisp night air.

The most interesting moments of the evening? There was the coach bus that pulled up, filled to the brim with dance goers. Now there's something you don't see everyday. And there was the family that got out of their car and asked me, "What is this place?" When I told them that they had just arrived at a high school party, they were puzzled and asked, "This isn't Strathmore?" (Strathmore is a performing arts center located adjacent to the school's property.) "No," I replied, "I don't think you'll like the music in there."



At 6:57 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

Yeah, although I think the music at your high school's dances are more like Strathmore than the music at our dances! :) I didn't know your school was right next to Strathmore! I went to a concert there last night. It was awesome! One of my favorite singers (Linda Eder) was singing Judy Garland songs. I think I was the youngest person there! :)


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