Friday, November 13, 2009

A Ticker Tape Parade And The Beijing Olympics

Leave it to me to go see a movie about the life of Amelia Earhart and walk away thinking about the sense of oneness that pervades the China of today. Here's how my mind connects the dots...

After Earhart completed her solo crossing of the Atlantic in 1932, she returned to the United States, where a ticker-tape parade was held in her honor. Watching the parade scene in Amelia, I was struck by the sense of national unity and pride that surrounded Earhart and her accomplishment. It was an America where everything seemed possible and where monumental achievements bound the nation together.

This bygone America, I have to admit, feels to me like a foreign land. After all, I was only two years old when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. A good case can probably be made that no milestone since has bound us together in the same nationalistic way. (Sure, there was that brief interlude of the Miracle on Ice, but even the Lake Placid games are now nearly thirty years in the rear-view mirror.)

But there I was, walking on the Olympic green in Beijing, just days after touching down, witnessing an outpouring of national enthusiasm that I suppose Amelia Earhart and her contemporaries would have found very recognizable. As a recent Adidas ad campaign screamed out on billboards all across China..."Impossible is Nothing."


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

About Those Eggs

Here are a couple of shots of those A-earning decoupage eggs. As for the dogs, they continue to enjoy their weekly fix, sometimes scrambled, sometimes hard boiled, always appreciated, as is the reduced "shed quotient!"