Sunday, February 01, 2009

Working On A Dream...On The 628 And 408

Over the years, I have had my first listen to Springsteen albums in a lot of different places. Rushing home from Sound-O-Rama on the day The River was released. Bringing the Live 75-85 collection back to my dorm room, only to have Bill Hughes dash over to the campus radio station to share the new "juice" with our fellow Fummers.

Lately, it has been iTunes downloads that get the music to us in a timely fashion. And so there I was, riding the bus across Beijing, headphones on, listening to Bruce singing about Outlaw Pete, the Queen of the Supermarket, and a Night with the Jersey Devil. My ears screamed Americana, but my eyes saw only lao Beijing. Here are some of the signs I spotted...Hey Bruce...Do any of these have potential as song titles?

MeLucky (There is a song on the new album called My Lucky Day.)

One World, One Dream (This was the Beijing Olympics slogan. I guess we're all dreaming thee days.)

Chlitina (I have no idea, either...)

You My Life

Excellence of China

Amazing Cafe

Pacific Rehouse
(No, this is not a typo on my part...)

California Beef Noodle King (As I drove by this place, I could hear Bruce wailing..."I'm the California Beef Noodle King...Can you hear me?")

Basically, I'm totally confused and have no idea what to make of the album.