Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On Restoring The Great Wall

News reports out of China indicate that it will not be long before a new section of the Mutianyu Great Wall is opened to the public. This is a famed stretch we had the chance to hike on a couple of occasions in 2008.

The renovated area is on a piece of land that is particularly high up in the mountains. A gorgeous place that allows for grand vistas in all directions.

How do we know this, given that the restoration has not yet been completed? The accompanying picture gives you all the information you need to answer this question.

Having hiked this piece of the wall in its somewhat "wild" incarnation, I have to agree with a local farmer who had this to say..."The adventurers and photographers usually come here and climb the walls because they haven't been renovated. Perhaps they will lose interest now."

Or to extend what Wei Ziqi told us last summer..."Mutianyu is about to become a little bit more jia de."



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