Monday, December 14, 2009

DCFC Challenge

Yesterday was the DC Fencing Club tournament. Kids from all different classes and age groups congregated to fence each other for the gold medal. From my class, there were four of us there to fence. When the clock reached 10:00, our instructor gave the parents a quick briefing. Then, the contenders warmed up with a national champion fencer.

After this , we were separated into age groups. In our group, there were five people; the four of us from our class and one other boy. Our coach, the national champion, told us that we would have a round robin tournament. We were each given a number and the first pair got hooked up to their wires. I was on deck for the second bout.

When the first bout was over, I hooked myself up to the wires and prepared for our bout. I saluted the other fencer and referee and then put on my mask. This first bout was quick and the final score was 5 to 0. After this bout, I rested while the next bout was going on and then prepared for my second bout. In this bout, I was fighting a lefty. This time, I did not win as quickly and the final score was 5 to 2. I waited two bouts before I was on again. This bout was against a teenage girl. I was worried about this bout because the girl had long arms, but the fight was soon over and I won 5 to 1. Finally, I had my last bout in the round robin against my friend. He proved to be a challenge as his confidence grew. The final score was 5 to 2. I was still undefeated.

We took a quick break and watched the younger kids fight. I had a drink of water and then waited as the other contenders fought to go to the championship and to face me. Since I was undefeated, I got a free ticket to the finals. I observed the techniques of each fencer and watched as my friend advanced to the championship. So, I ended up having to fight my friend for the gold medal.

"Ready, fence!" The referee began the bout. We advanced at each other. Our swords collided and "BEEEEEEEEP." My friend won the first point. That got me jazzed up and I fought back harder. "BEEEEEP," "BEEEEEEEP," "BEEEEEEEP", I won the next three points. Then, something stopped my roll. My friend landed a hard hit to my shoulder. I winced in pain as he won that point. Looking in my shirt, I saw a gash with some blood. I shook out my shoulder and walked back to the starting position. The referee asked me if I was OK and I just nodded. The bout began again and I landed a quick jab to my opponent's stomach. It was over. I had won!

The instructor then announced that it was time for the awards. He called up the three gold medalists (from the different age groups) and gave us our medals. Then, he called the silver medalists and gave them their medals. Everyone cheered and took pictures. Then he called up all the fencers and gave them all bronze medals. Then, we all gathered and took pictures. The instructor finally released us and we went to Mamma Lucia's for lunch. That is the story of my first ever fencing tournament.



At 9:58 AM, Blogger Leslie said...

Congrats Z! That's an amazing accomplishment, especially considering you've only been doing this for a few months! I'm a little stunned you got hurt though - isn't there all this padding and blunted swords and stuff? En garde! (The one and only fencing term I know...)

At 8:00 PM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

Thanks!!! I'm really excited about it. I had padding, but the thrust had a lot of force behind it. Thanks again!



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