Saturday, November 21, 2009

President Obama Goes To China: Some Views From Beida

In the aftermath of President Obama's visit to China this week, I asked a few students at Peking University about what they observed on the ground in Beijing and what overall impressions the trip left them with...

A student from the central part of the country...

As it is known that president Obama has come to visit China, there are news on the internet, I wonder whether you can get through to the net, what we can know is through the internet.

Personally, I think this is a good thing for the relationship between China and America. Usually, it is good for two countries that the president of each visit the other and communicate with each other. President Obama has been to Shanghai and communicated with the students there, he said that China and America need more cooperation rather than confliction. It is also said that more Chinese students will be welcome to America to study.

A student from China's southwest corner...

Acording to my own experience, anything about President's Obama's visit we just get reports or message from TV , Newspaper and Internet. I think this is same with you. Maybe the only difference is that we experience atmosphere, but everything goes as usual on compus. And yesterday I went out to the downtown, it seemed that nothing was different. You know,on bus and subway, even taxi, nobody talked about this visit.The moving TV on bus, subway and taxi is continuing showwing President Obama's significant events with Chinese state leaders, and other visitng activities, such as meeting with the young chinese generation in Shanghai, and climing the Great Wall in Beijing. Besides these normal things, we receive nothing.

But there is a funny story I heard from compus BBS, it said that during the meeting with young chinses generation, students who have chance to put question to President Obama are prearranged,not freedomly, maybe they are young officials of universities in Shanghai, not the real college students. I cannot affirm the credibility of this message, but it's funny.

A student from the southeast Cantonese region...

A lot of Chinese are discussing about why President Obama chose Shanghai for his first station of visiting China.

As they mentioned, the ex-core of PRC has a big influence power in Shanghai till now. Does
Obama's schedule show that American care more about the relationship with ex-core than present core?

A student from the northeast...

Most of the newspaper and magazines had big space to report the
Obama's visit, as far as I saw the media mainly focused on Obama's trip to the Imperial Palace and great wall, the menu of the state banquet, how he hugged his brother here...things like that. It is more like a show. But I'm worried that the media thought too little about the deep inside of this trip, they gave too much praise. For me, I'm more concerned of the clean-energy-source trade contract and the high-tech export from US to PRC. I think the media thought too positively about the Obama saying "america and china should be strategic friends", all country will do things to its own interest, China should be more aware of this.


PS: Across China, the sale of wildly popular "Obamao" merchandise was banned during the president's visit. Given Desi's track record, why do I have a hunch she would have had no problem breaking through...


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