Sunday, November 15, 2009

In The Chips

A few weeks ago, a reporter from Blair's own Silver Chips approached and asked if he could interview me about my experiences during last year's adventure. Never unhappy to relive my Chinese life, I delightedly agreed. Armed with twenty-plus questions, Eli devoted four lunch periods, plus an hour phone call to writing furiously as I detailed the wonders of our journey. He even spent some time talking to Steve and the kids to "round out" his story.

Equipped with enough information for a short novel, Eli was then tasked with sifting through page after page to nail his first-ever story. The result, "Blazing Through Beijing: Balla Journeys Overseas," was a two-page spread, well received. He nicely focused on a few recurring topics like preparation and communication, and highlighted the stories (Ping'An and Inner Mongolia) that were truly seminal moments for me.

In a school of over two thousand students and close to two hundred faculty and staff, it's been nice to hear, every once in a while, from individuals I've never met or spoken to, "Hey, aren't you the one who went to China last year? Must have been an experience of a lifetime!"

I'm thinking, "Yes, it was quite an experience!"

Once in a lifetime...Not so sure about that!



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