Thursday, October 29, 2009

An Un-Egg-Spected Turn Of Events

So Julie had another project...This time, the charge was to create an artistic interpretation of the twelve Greek Olympians. You remember Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Athena, Poseidon, and the gang. Anyways, after the arduous task of coming up with a totally original idea, Julie decided to make a dozen decoupage eggs, decorated with pictures and symbols of "A Dozen Olympians."

Of course, before you can make decoupage eggs, you have to prepare by blowing all the contents--yolk and white--out of the egg by poking a pinhole in the top and a quarter inch opening in the bottom and dizzying yourself like a trumpet player with a ferret caught in your bell. Into a bowl, blob after gooey blob...

In an effort to not be wasteful, I figured I would make Cameron and Blue a tasty treat by scrambling the eggs up ans adding them to their dinner bowl. I commented to Steve that he should watch how beautiful their coats turn after chowing down on all that protein. I had remembered hearing somewhere that adding an occasional to your dog's food makes his/her coat extra shiny. After eating all of these eggs over a few days, they were bound to gleam like a couple of freshly waxed Cadillacs.

What I wasn't expecting was that over the next few days a major household change would occur. Not only was there a noticeable difference in how soft their fur feels, but also in their shedding. Julie and Steve both separately these phenomena. As a twice-a-day vacuumer (not sure if that's a word, but that's what I am!), I couldn't help but realize the benefits. Instead of tumbleweeds of dog hair everywhere, and a red carpet that only looks red for the two minutes after I vacuum, the level of fur management has been markedly lighter. Looks like eggs will stay on the menu!

Now about the whole decoupage thing...Let's just say that while Julie is still waiting for her grade, there were no other decoupage egg projects this year!



At 8:15 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

Seriously, what do you have to do to the egg?! I think we need to come up with a reason to do that in biology, just to see all the kids look like a "trumpet player with a ferret caught in your bell!" I'd love to see a picture of the final project! Meanwhile, why do eggs make your dogs shed less?


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