Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sold!...For A Dollar Bill!

It was standing room only the other evening at the auction on Main Street in Hancock. Auction night is a real institution in this small town of 1,725 located in the thin neck of Maryland, sandwiched right between Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Folks bring their beach chairs, eat hot dogs and pieces of pie, and walk out with boxes loaded full of stuff.

Not that there is a lot of big spending going on. One of the largest ticket items we saw being sold was a porcelain doll, which started at twenty-five dollars and eventually sold for five bucks. The most common price? A single George Washington goes a long way on a Saturday night.

By way of disclaimer, none of these items made it back to Silver Spring with us...

A box jam-packed with mini-staplers (blue).

Dozens of those Livestrong style bracelets, some blue, some pink, all with a "Say No to Drugs" message imprinted on them.

A box full of Christmas decorations, including an artificial tree (presumably with all of the pieces).

Surgical gloves. Desi's hand almost went up, but at size 6 1/2, they were too small for the auctioneer's wife's hands.

Can openers. (Nice ones that went for three bucks each.)

Tools, tools, and more tools. (We saw a wrench go for a buck.)

A box full of family portraits (a family of four), picture frames, and old soccer cleats (one dollar).

Bags of cheese balls and kettle-cooked potato chips. If they had had Doritos, I would have been all over that action!

A sewing machine (one dollar).

Halloween costumes. (Look for the big, blue M&M and Nascar driver knocking on your door in a few weeks.)

A box full of white baseball pants (one dollar for the whole lot).

Next week, the announcement went out toward the end of the proceedings, there will be train memorabilia to bid on...



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