Saturday, October 03, 2009

Rock Climbing

At our school, every year there is a Calleva trip, where you get to do different activities. This year, I chose to go rock climbing.

We all got on a bus at school and set off. On the bus ride, we sat with our friends and anticipated the cliffs.

After arriving, we put our harnesses and helmets on, and began to walk to the climbing cliffs. On the way, we took a look at some men painting pictures of the Potomac. After that, we took a path to the rock face.

One look down, and I knew I was going to have the time of my life! At the top, before we repelled down, we saw the group of students who were going white water rafting. After shouting to them, we began our descent. One by one, we made it to the bottom.

Then this dude harnessed us to climb back up and down the wall. The first time up and down was the hardest. You couldn't slip, and on the way down, the scariest part, you had to trust the belayer (the person holding the rope).

After everyone had climbed once, we had lunch. We ran around the rocks by the water. Then I went back to try the hardest cliff. This cliff had a big bump and no hand holds. It took forever to find a way to go around it. Then it was easy climbing.

We had a couple of races, which were fun, and the dude showed me how to tie the knots. Then he let me tie my own knot. Later, when I was talking with the dudes, they were telling me about rock climbing programs I could do with them. They told me that one day I could be a professional climber.

After walking back to our big bus, we went to pick up the rafters. On the ride back, we shared stories and had fun.



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