Monday, September 21, 2009

Let's Dance!

This past Friday night was Julie's first high school dance. (And, as you might have guessed, my first high school dance as a chaperone!)

Theme? "Glam!"

And Julie did not disappoint, as she donned her high heels, marabou boa, tiara, pink bubble dress, and, of course, plenty of sparkles. (Special thanks to Grandma for her speedy delivery of rhinestones and more rhinestones!) As a gal who has always enjoyed dressing up, this was a ball for Julie. (As a mom who loves to "do" hair, this was a lot of fun for me, too!)

Chaperone duty at a mixer that hosts over eight hundred kids is serious business. After a succinct, but informative meeting, I received my assignment and headed outside the front door. As "Parent Chaperone #1," my job was to keep the kids outside in line (literally!) and to direct them to the "Have Tickets" or "Have No Tickets" door. In addition, though, I directed traffic, greeted parents (especially the ones I actually knew!), and encouraged the kids to head in before the doors closed for the five minutes...two minute.

The kids were really good, both outside and, later, inside (at eight thirty I was able to move inside and check out the music and dance scene). Besides the warm temperature and slight gym odor, the atmosphere was a lot of fun. The kids were dancing and having a great time. Julie and her good friend Deborah (a real "polka dot" beauty that night!) hung out with old friends and enjoyed dancing to song after song. I was proud to have recognized most of the songs! My only issue was that I wanted to dance, too! My feet kept tapping, but I controlled the urge to join Julie and her friends. I was, after all, a "chaperone."

In all, I was happy with what I observed. Despite a few "live wires" and a couple of kids whose attitudes were a little over the top, it was cute to see all the glamor girls (lots of sequins!) and the boys in their school colors (lots of t-shirts posturing their institution of secondary education).

Happiest moment? Julie won the award for "best dressed freshman." Way to go, Julie!



At 9:32 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

You mean it wasn't like Homecoming at Blair?! You look beautiful and totally glam, Julie!


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